About us

Arhitektonika d.o.o. is an architectural design office specialised in architectural and urban planning services. Arhitektonika was established in May 2009 in Sarajevo. Its founder and director is Ms Edina Sabrihafizović who graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo and who gained experience through taking part in international workshops and architectural prize contests, as well as through a career in reputed designing companies. Activities in various areas of architecture and design, as well as cooperation with and work for numerous architecture companies and architects provided us with the opportunity to take part in and understand the entire process – from the birth of an idea, through its presentation, to the project implementation. Arhitektonika’s main task is to provide top quality solutions in the area of architecture, design and urban planning through the research process, as well as through meticulous and responsible approach to each task, in compliance with the technical achievements and applicable laws.



  • Ms Edina Sabrihafizović BSAE – the Company owner and project design manager
  • Mr Esad Sabrihafizović BSAE – partner and project design manager


  • Construction design: Mr Amir Ramić BCE, Mr Hajrudin Hodžić BCE, Mr Šefket Bećirović BCE
  • Design of mechanical installations: Mr Jasmin Burzić BME
  • Design of electrical installations: Mr Senad Hadžibegović BSEE, Ms Sandra Začinović BSEE
  • Design of water supply and utility installations: Mr Selim Čaušević, Mr Feđa Hadžibegović BSAE
  • Exterior design: Mr Aleksandar Ljoljić


  • Architectural projects
    • 2017 Elementary school Hrasno – main design 
    • 2016 Water factory "Kraljevska" - concept design 
    • 2015 Children house/normal arhitektura – main design of assigned apartment interior 
    • 2014 UNDP main design for landslide recovery works  High school in Vareš
    • 2014 USAID Franciscan monastery Fojnica preliminary, main design and supervision on biomass boiler-room
    • 2013 Cantonal Hospital Goražde – survey project (6900m2)
    • 2012 Residential , Villa Popper – survey and recovery  project
    • 2012 Messer Mostar Plin, administrative building – preliminary and main design
    • 2012 Boiler biomass facilities (UNDP)Bratunac,Srebrenica,Milići– preliminary and general designs
    • 2011 BBM business facility (3,000 m2) – preliminary and general designs
    • 2011 “MESSER BH GAS” administrative building and CO2 warehouse (800 m2) – conceptual design and interior design
    • 2011 PČELICA kindergarten (640 m2) – preliminary design
    • 2010 Tourism stand of the City of Sarajevo – conceptual design – implementation
    • 2009 Administrative building of "MESSER SARAJEVO PLIN" Rajlovac – conceptual design and interior design – implementation
    • 2009 Family house in Golobrdica street – preliminary design
    • 2009 RRS Fortica general design development


  • Conceptual designs and competition entries
    • 2012 Modular tent units- concept
    • 2011/12 Sarajevo Holiday Market – preliminary urbanistic conecept
    • 2010 Hotel Bristol Spa Centre, conceptual design – preliminary design
    • 2010 Business facility of "HE na Drini" (hydro-electric power plant on river Drina) Višegrad – public competition
    • 2009 Car Showroom; Osijek settlement Sarajevo, conceptual, preliminary and general designs
    • 2008 Bridge in front of the Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, public competition
    • 2007 RRS Fortica facility - first prize awarded by BH Telecom
    • 2003 BH Telecom modular shops - first prize



  • Supervision/Consulting Services/Project Managemant
    • 2017 Elementary school Hrasno supervision
    • 2016 Residential buliding reconstruction Obala 37 Sarajevo consultant and supervision
    • 2015 Administration building Atal Group (2.000,0 m2)project manager and supervision
    • 2015 UNDP quality supervision of completed recovery works on public objects damaged by flood (Šamac, Orašje, Doboj)
    • 2015 UNDP Consultation services on making of energy efficiency audits for public buildings (Grude, Ljubuški Kupres)
    • 2011-15 bussines facility BBM Sarajevo (3.000,0 m2) project manager and supervising
    • 2014 UNDP supervision on biomass boiler-rooms for public schools ( Srebrenica, Bratunac, Šamac)
    • 2014 Children house/normal arhitektura (950m2) project revision 
    • 2014 BBI bank office unit (165,0 m2) project revision
    • 2013 MDC Administrative-residential building Marijin Dvor  (11.400,0 m2) project revision
    • 2012 Villa Popper residence – supervision
    • 2012 Roof Reconstruction works ASU Sarajevo (cca 350,0 m2)supervision.
    • 2011 Reconstruction of Art Cinema “TESLA” (460 m2) - project manager and professional supervision
    • 2010 Interior design of SIPA Administration– consulting services
    • 2010 Exterior design of “ATACO” administrative building and warehouse – professional supervision
    • 2009 Administrative building of "MESSER SARAJEVO PLIN" Rajlovac – professional supervision
    • 2009 Interior remodelling of "ATACO" (2,500 m2) – professional supervision
    • 2009 Remodelling of “Energopetrol-CENTAR" petrol station - project manager




Edina Sabrihafizović BSAE

Edina Sabrihafizović, born on 18/10/1975 in Sarajevo, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Sarajevo. 2001 – member of a team in charge of organising the building site and building technologies of Bosmal City Centre. 2004-2008 – cooperates in designing the “Robot” centres in Gračanica, Banja Luka
and Sarajevo, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Sarajevo, as well as the sales centre and large workshop of “Bira” in Bihać. 2009 – establishes architectural design office “Arhitektonika” and continues to successfully carry out the activities pertaining to design (BBM business facility, administrative and roduction facility of “Messer” in Rajlovac and Sočkovac), supervision and project management (administrative building of “Messer” in Rajlovac, reconstruction of “Tesla” Kriterion d.o.o. cinema, remodelling of the warehouse and administrative facility for “Ataco” company, remodelling of Energopetrol-Mol petrol station), and consulting services in interior design of SIPA administrative facility. Ms Sabrihafizović took part in numerous architectural prize contests.

Esad Sabrihafizović BSAE

Esad Sabrihafizović, born on 30/09/1974 in Sarajevo, graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in 2006 with the graduation thesis on the topic of “Public Buildings – Law Company” During the course of his studies, Mr Sabrihafizović and his fellow architect, Mr Emir Haračić, won first prize for modular sales centres at the public contest of the BH TELECOM. He achieved significant professional success in the architectural design office Ćema d.o.o., where he and his fellow architects, Ms Alma Idrizović and Mr Mehmed Pašić, won first prize for the RRS Fortica facility at the architectural prize contest of the BH Telecom in 2007, and in the architectural design office “Argentaria”, where he took part in development of the project for remodelling the “Elektroprivreda” company headquarters in Sarajevo.In 2009, Mr Sabrihafizović established his own company – ARH E – and has had a close cooperation with “Arhitektonika” as designer and 3D model developer ever since. Along with wife Edina, he takes part in architectural prize contests.