• FACILITY:Business facility
  • CLIENT:BBM d.o.o.
  • TREATMENT LEVEL:Preliminary and general designs
  • LOCATION:Sarajevo
  • SURFACE:approximately 3,450 m²
  • CONSTRUCTION:Construction of reinforced concrete /foundations, panels, girders/
  • Roof construction with flat roof layers.
  • MATERIALS:Suspended glass façade certain parts of which were treated as thermo-facade.

IDEA:At the location imposed by an urban matrix of pedestrian paths and roadways, in the classic housing block construction system a room for new construction was made. The idea was to create a visually attractive space the use of which can be adjusted to the market needs without further interventions on the facade, which often affect the aesthetics and degrade a facility. Glass facade was made a dominant trait with a view to provide the best possible interior lighting, yet the option of various solutions in terms of arrangement has been left.  The entrance part was emphasised with an organic planar sculpture which accentuates the walk lines within the facility and creates a pleasant ambiance in all common rooms.