• FACILITY:Car showroom and car repair shop
  • CLIENT:State exam/conceptual design
  • TREATMENT LEVEL:Preliminary design, general design
  • LOCATION:Sarajevo, Osijek settlement
  • SURFACE:1500 m²
  • CONSTRUCTION:Construction of reinforced concrete /foundations, panels, girders/
  • Steel construction - staircase
  • MATERIALS:Aluminium profile panels in light/metallic and darker shades. Termopan glass lining fixed on an aluminium subconstruction.

IDEA:As the facility has dual function – on one side it is a modern car showroom, on the other there is a car repair shop and a car wash – our intention was to merge these two sides in a unity using the aluminium facade and combining the lighter and darker panels which are reminiscent of the dirt of a car repair shop, but at the same time perfectly fit into a showroom due to the materials used.