• FACILITY: Kindergarten
  • SURFACE: Facility 1: approximately 400m2, Facility 2: approximately 240m2
  • CLIENT:Private investor
  • TREATMENT LEVEL:Preliminary design
  • LOCATION:Sarajevo, Nevesinjska street 17 and 19
  • CONSTRUCTION AND MATERIALS: Remodelling of facilities built of brick blocks, with concrete cerclages and reinforced concrete staircase; the roof construction is a double chair, wooden flat roof.

IDEA: The objective was visual and functional transformation of two existing housing facilities into a space intended for upbringing of preschoolers. As it was not possible to alter the outer dimensions, the basic principle was to adjust certain groups of rooms to the possibilities that the space offered. Thus, according to the investor’s wishes, the big garage adjacent to the facility was transformed into a gym, flat roof became a terrace, and the area for the repair of vehicles, which was located in between the two facilities, became a playroom open towards garden behind the facilities, which represents an additional quality allowing the children to play outdoors.