• FACILITY:Radio-relay station, motel with belvedere
  • CLIENT:Competition entry, first prize awarded by BH Telecom
  • TREATMENT LEVEL:Conceptual design, Preliminary design / competition entry
  • LOCATION:Mostar, Fortica hill
  • SURFACE:approximately 860 m²
  • CONSTRUCTION:Construction of reinforced concrete /foundations, panels, girders/ with the brick bloc fillings and a classic wooden roof construction
  • MATERIALS:Classic façades. Façade panels with wood texture, tiled roof.

IDEA:The project treats a facility which has two completely different functions from the point of view of technology.The idea we offered pertains to organising of certain parts along the wall which, due to its in-line form, “opens” public attractions of the motel and the belvedere and “protects” the area intended for the relay station.During the design development, we attempted to avoid the misunderstandings by providing a solution in which the facility would suggest the movement of users, who come for a short stay or vacation, and the employees, who spend there more time, by architecture and volumes rather then by barriers and check points.