• FACILITY: Sarajevo Holiday MARKET
  • SURFACE: cca5600m2 total site surface
  • CLIENT:Stari Grad municipality, ZUP Baščaršija, Fondacija Sarajevo Navigator
  • TREATMENT LEVEL:Urbanistic project, consulting
  • LOCATION:Trg oslobođenja (“Svjetlost” park) u Sarajevu.





IDEA:Sarajevo Holiday Market is organized on existing city squar. Market includes facilities with entertainment, tourism, catering and trade contens. Urbanistic project determinate disposition concept of all objects and technical infrastructure (protect fence, lightning, water supplay…)   all with appropriate visual design. (New year and Christmas holidays). Elements and supporting structure are temporary so design should provide easy montage and replacement, transport and storage. Main entrance in “Market” zone is placed in “Ferhadija” street with strong visual accent that associate to city winter panorama with snow hills in background. Small Christmas wood houses are placed in lines just next to existing squar pedestrian tracks. Houses are in fact removable, montage banches and could be used for trading activities, promotional events, tourist animation and similar purpose. Trees and plants on square could be decorated with colour lamps and Christmas decoration.on south side of site is big pavilion tent covering cca 300m2, appropriated to events like concerts, exhibitions and promotions.