• FACILITY:Hotel Spa Centre, Sarajevo
  • TREATMENT LEVEL:Conceptual design/not implemented
  • SURFACE:approximately 350 m²
  • CONSTRUCTION/MATERIALS:Construction of reinforced concrete, pool technique, space for installations.

IDEA:The space intended for a swimming pool and spa centre used to be a discotheque with a bar. Its extremely small height and the spatial restrictions engendered the idea of a modest, yet luxurious swimming pool, in accordance with the category of the hotel in question. Small height of the space was emphasised with the darker shades in the final touches of the ceiling with a view to creating an intimate ambiance where a visitor feels like he is in his own swimming pool. The space is dominated by a green glass “Barrisol” sheet which gives contrast to the dark space and emphasises its length. Wooden linings with stone details dominate the space.