• FACILITY:Administrative building within a factory complex
  • CLIENT: Messer Sarajevo Plin
  • TREATMENT LEVEL:Preliminary design of interior and facade reconstruction at the existing facility.
  • Supervision and technical advising.
  • LOCATION:Sarajevo, Rajlovac settlement
  • SURFACE:approximately 450 m²
  • CONSTRUCTION:Construction of reinforced concrete /foundations, panels, girders/
  • Roof construction with flat roof layers.
  • Dimensions of the existing facility were retained.
  • MATERIALS:Classic multicolour facade.

IDEA:The project was organised and implemented in accordance with the client’s whish to retain the dimensions of the existing facility while changing its function, as well as the access from the outside and the internal arrangement. We further enhanced the entrance to the newly designed facility by incorporating a “totem” with the company’s logo, but also by adding volume required for adjusting the entrance to the new function of the facility. In front of the entrance façade there is a green area with an appropriate pedestrian access which connects the facility with the other parts of the complex. Project of interior design was implemented unconventionally, by using vivid colours and by putting an accent to a cosy working environment without corporate barriers.