Arhitektonika provides following services:

  • Development of project documentation: conceptual designs, preliminary design, general and final designs with the accompanying phases
  • Technical advising and professional supervision over the implementation of works
  • Project management services

Arhitektonika provides you with full support throughout the development of your facility, house or interior.

From the analysis of the possibilities that the location provides, through the concept, we follow the development from an idea to the general design and we supervise the implementation of the project, advising you through all the stages so that the final product can meet both your functional requirements and the esthetical criteria.

By developing a preliminary design, we define a precise framework for your plan or vision that would help in creating preconditions for its implementation, which eventually facilitates estimation of overhead investment expenses as well as collection of documents required for obtaining the urban planning permit.

Development of general and final designsprovides clear appearance of a future facility with the approximate prices of material, but it also provides an important document which allows you to obtain more precise and better offers for contracting works that would save your time and money and help you to reduce the possibilities of further unexpected works which usually cause significant costs if the adequate project documentation for the facility has not been developed.

Technical advising with professional supervisionallows you to monitor the construction process and protects your interests in terms of construction costs, work dynamics and compliance with the laws and regulations which, if not observed, may slow down or completely terminate the construction.

Project Management Servicesare particularly cost-efficient when it comes to capital investments and projects dealing with specific and complicated technological processes that involve large number of sub-contractors and where a strict compliance with the deadlines and permanent control of invested funds are required.